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    Why the Economy Won’t Tank the housing market

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | November 29, 2023

    You’re not alone. if you’re worried about a coming recession, Over the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of recession talk. And many people worry, if we do have a recession, it would cause the unemployment rate to skyrocket. Some even fear that a spike in unemployment would lead to a rash of foreclosures similar... Read More

    Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Home Prices

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | November 7, 2023

    Just a few weeks ago, Fannie Mae predicted that home prices would go up by 3.9% in 2023. But now, in their latest forecast, they say it’s going to be even higher at 6.7% for the year. This change in prediction shows that the experts are really confident that home prices will go up this... Read More

    How Homeowner Net Worth Grows With Time

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | October 6, 2023

    Read More

    Unpacking the Long-Term Benefits of Homeownership

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | October 2, 2023

    Are you considering the idea of buying a home in the near future? Sure, there are concerns about higher mortgage rates, escalating home prices, and affordability challenges that might make you hesitate. But don’t let these factors overshadow the incredible long-term advantages of homeownership! Think about this: when you speak to folks who made the... Read More

    How Inflation Affects the Housing Market

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | September 5, 2023

    8/31/23 Have you ever thought about how inflation can have an impact on the housing market? It might surprise you, but they’re actually interconnected. Whenever there are changes in one, it affects the other as well. Let’s take a friendly dive into how these two are linked. The Relationship Between Housing Inflation and Overall Inflation... Read More

    Buyer Traffic Is Still Stronger than the Norm

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | September 2, 2023

    Buyer Traffic is Still Stronger than the Norm Are you delaying the sale of your home due to concerns about the state of the housing market with regards to mortgage rates? If that’s the case, it’s important to know that recent data indicates there are still plenty of active buyers in the market, and they... Read More

    How Changing Mortgage Rates Can Affect You

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | August 29, 2023

    The 30-year fixed mortgage rate has been bouncing between 6% and 7% this year. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to buy a home or not, it’s helpful to know exactly how a 1%, or even a 0.5%, mortgage rate shift affects your purchasing power. The chart below helps show the general relationship... Read More

    The True Value of Homeownership

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | August 28, 2023

    Buying and owning your home can be life changing by bringing you joy and a sense of ownership. And with June being National Homeownership Month, it’s the perfect time to think about all the benefits homeownership provides. Of course, there are financial reasons to buy a house, but here are three ways owning your home... Read More

    Evaluating Your Wants and Needs as a Homebuyer Matters More Today

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | August 28, 2023

    You may need to be strategic when it comes to purchasing a home, especially with today’s affordability challenges. Unless you are paying cash, mortgage rates will impact how much it costs to borrow money for your home. To get a home that is affordable, some homebuyers are taking a close look at their wish list... Read More

    Homebuyers Are Getting Used to the New Normal

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | August 22, 2023

    Jul 18 Before you decide to sell your home, it’s important to know what is happening in the current housing market. One positive trend right now is homebuyers are adapting to today’s mortgage rates and getting used to them as the new normal. To better understand what’s been happening with mortgage rates lately, the graph... Read More