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    Does It Make Sense To Buy a Home Right Now?

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | March 25, 2024

    Thinking about buying a home? If so, you’re probably wondering: should I buy now or wait? Nobody can make that decision for you, but here’s some information that can help you decide. What’s Next for Home Prices? Each quarter, Fannie Mae and Pulsenomics publish the results of the Home Price Expectations Survey (HPES). It asks more than 100 experts—economists, real estate professionals, and... Read More

    The Latest Trends in Housing

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | March 17, 2024

    Some Highlights With the number of new listings going up and average days on market going down, buyers may have more options, but will still want to move fast. For sellers, inventory is still low and houses are selling fast, meaning your house should stand out and may get multiple offers if you price it right. If you want to know more about what’s happening in our area, let’s... Read More

    What To Know About Credit Scores Before Buying a Home

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | March 7, 2024

    Your credit score is a critical piece of the puzzle when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage. Lenders review your credit to see if you typically make payments on time, pay back debts, and more. Your credit score can also help determine your mortgage rate. An article from US Bank explains: “A credit score isn’t the only... Read More

    The Truth About Down Payments

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | February 27, 2024

    If you’re planning to buy your first home, saving up for all the costs involved can feel daunting, especially when it comes to the down payment. That might be because you’ve heard you need to save 20% of the home’s price to put down. Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. Unless specified by your loan type or lender,... Read More

    How Changing Mortgage Rates Impact You [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | February 24, 2024

    Some Highlights If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s important to know how mortgage rates impact what you can afford and how much you’ll pay each month. That’s because even a small change in mortgage rates can have a big impact on your purchasing power. The best way to navigate changing mortgage rates and make an informed buying decision is to rely on the expertise of a... Read More

    Spring listing? It’s time to prepare!

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | February 19, 2024

    If you’re thinking of selling your house this spring, now is the perfect time to start getting it ready. With the market gearing up for its busiest time of year, it’ll be important to make sure your house shines bright among the competition. Here are some valuable tips you can use to get your house market ready. Declutter and Organize... Read More

    Why Having Your Own Agent Matters When Buying a New Construction Home

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | February 6, 2024

    Finding the right home is one of the biggest challenges for potential buyers today. Right now, the supply of homes for sale is still low. But there is a bright spot. Newly built homes make up a larger percent of the total homes available for sale than normal. That’s why, if you’re craving more options, it makes sense to see if... Read More

    2 of the Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | February 1, 2024

    If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ve probably been paying close attention to mortgage rates. Over the last couple of years, they hit record lows, rose dramatically, and are now dropping back down a bit. Ever wonder why? The answer is complicated because there’s a lot that can influence mortgage rates. Here are just a few... Read More

    Thinking About Buying a Home in 2024? Ask Yourself These Questions

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | January 10, 2024

    If you’re thinking of buying a home this year, you’re probably paying closer attention than normal to the housing market news. You’re getting your information from a variety of channels: the news, social media, your real estate agent, conversations with friends and loved ones, the list goes on and on. Most likely, home prices and mortgage rates... Read More

    Your Homebuying Adventure

    By Mary Ann Uhrenholdt | December 8, 2023

    Read More